Format: Spin columns
Sample: Plant tissues
Sample size: Up to 100mg / 1g fresh sample
or 20mg / 200mg dry sample
Operation: Centrifuge / vacuum manifold
Operation time: 30~60 minutes
Binding capacity: 50µg~500µg DNA
Application: PCR、Real-time PCR、Southern blotting、AFLP、PADP/ AFLP

ATP™Plant Genomic DNA Mini/Maxi Kit provides a fast and simple method to isolate total DNA (genomic DNA, mitochondrial, chloroplast and viral DNA) from plant tissue and cells.

1.  Plant tissues are ground in liquid nitrogen and lysed by a buffer containing detergent .

2.  The tissue debris in lysate could be removed by the provided filter column.

3.  In the presence of a chaotropic salt, the genomic DNA in the lysate binds to the glass fibre matrix in the spin column.

4.  After washing off the contaminants, the purified DNA is eluted by a low salt elution buffer or water.

Expectant yield:

Quality Control

The quality of ATP™ Genomic DNA Kit (Plant) is tested on a lot-to-lot basis. The Kits are tested by isolation of genomic DNA from 50mg young leave. The purified DNA is quantified with spectrophotometer and the yield of genomic DNA is more than 10 μg with A260/A280 ratio 1.7 to 1.9.

Kit Contents:Cat.No. / Kit Contents
GP1 Buffer: 50ml
GPX1 Buffer: 50ml
GP2 Buffer: 15ml
GP3 Buffer: 30ml
W1 Buffer: 45ml
Wash Buffer(concentrated): 25ml
Elution Buffer : 30ml
PNase A(10mg/ml):550 μl
Filter Columns : 100 pcs
GD Columns: 100pcs (green/white filter)
Collection Tubes: 200 pcs
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